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Sermon Archive

The Psalms and Israel’s Worship

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 16

Introduction to the Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 150

The Poetry of the Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 133

Psalms and the Davidic King

Scripture: 2 Samuel 23:1-2

The Temple Setting of the Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 48

Psalm Types and Psalm 117

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 16:4 and Psalm 117

Praise Psalms

The Lord is King

Scripture: Psalm 96

LORD Above the gods

Scripture: Psalm 29

Introduction to the Petition-Lament Psalms

Scripture: Psalms 42-43

Petition-Lament Psalms: A Closer Look

Scripture: Psalm 13

Learning from the Petition-Lament Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 13

The Imprecatory Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 137

Psalms of Trust

Scripture: Psalm 131

Two Ways, Two Destinies

Scripture: Psalm 1

Individual Psalms of Grateful Praise

Scripture: Various Psalms

Psalms 1 & 2: The Gateway to the Psalter

Scripture: Psalms 1, 2

David & the Sad Consequences of Sin

Scripture: 2 Samuel 11 – 12:15

The King Under Attack

Scripture: Psalm 3

The Mistrusted King

Scripture: Psalm 4

Didactic/Teaching Psalms

Scripture: Various Psalms

The Embattled Yet Confident King

Scripture: Psalm 5

The Afflicted King

Scripture: Psalm 6

The Shape and Message of the Psalter

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 16:4; Various Psalms

Vindicated in Judgment

Scripture: Psalm 7

The Majesty of God and the Glory of the King

Scripture: Psalm 8

The Lord the Righteous Judge

Scripture: Psalm 9

The Messianic Hope, Pt. 1

Scripture: Psalm 2; Various texts

What Happens When God Dies?

Scripture: Psalm 14

The Messianic Hope, Pt. 2

Scripture: Numbers 24:12-25

The Messianic Hope, Pt. 3

Scripture: Deuteronomy 18:9-22

The Acceptable Worshiper

Scripture: Psalm 15

The Messianic Hope, Pt. 4

Scripture: I Samuel 2:1-10

The Davidic King

Scripture: 2 Samuel 7